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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

1.Water Energy Agriculture

Co-management of rural water, energy, land, food and other biomass resources is essential for addressing pivotal issues of declining per capita water availability, rural unemployment, hunger and malnutrition, poor agricultural energy service, poor resilience in agriculture to climate change, increasing water, energy and carbon footprint in agriculture, poor exploitation of potential for substituting fossil energy and other materials with biomass, and poor use of potential for carbon sequestering through efficient use of rural water and land resources.

2.Management Transformation

While transformation in the management of rural water, energy, land and biomass resources is so crucial to addressing various decisive challenges the change process remains entrenched in voluntarism and subsidization of rural livelihoods and has failed to attract advanced science and technology and good talent and professionalism.

3.Resource Management

Appropriate institutional format for catalyzing transformation in rural resource Management is something that needs to be explored through multi-stakeholder dialogues and action-research. At the moment the Founding Partners have chosen the format of a Partnership Firm to make the new beginning with a promise to explore and migrate to, diversify into and/or help initiate various other formats as and when that becomes necessary with more stakeholders getting involved and more dimensions getting added to the activities of the Firm.