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Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

1.Sales Tracker Distributing high-quality products mandates an absolute traceability right through the supply chain. Having accurate and up-to-date information on inventory, customer credit limit and credit balance helps the field sales teams to make accurate on the spot decisions and raise customer satisfaction levels.

2.Track and Trace The need to track the producer (i.e., the supplier who has delivered raw materials), the storage, the employee, the equipment, the facility, and finally through the retailer to the customer, is a necessity today. Additionally, there is an unequivocal need to focus on compliance and traceability initiatives to meet regulatory mandates.

3.Warehouse Management Managing warehouses of any size is a challenge in itself. Having accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on materials, receivables, and shipping improves the overall productivity by reducing the material turnaround time.

Industry Best Practices

We follow industry best practices as well as proprietary IP for Production Management and Inventory Track and Trace. Our solution is built on an extensible framework that enables you to add new production process, BoMs, products, and facilities based on your business requirements. Our solutions are user friendly for ease of adoption and implementation across the organization.

Key Solution Elements

  • Item and Bill of Materials Management
  • Facilities and Warehouse Management
  • Production Management
  • Schedule, Assign and Run Production Batches
  • Inventory

1.Purchase Order, Goods Received, Adjustments and Transfers

2. Trace Inventory Storage and Supply 

3. Delivery and Dispatch

  • Management
  • Tracking of Machines, Parts and Consumables